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on the canvases of Geneviève


Geneviève in the centre surrounded by from left to right by Madeleine Servera, Curator and Head of the Museums of the Citadelle; Cédric Cirasa, Alderman for Tourism and Culture, Ginette Hattemberg, Alderwoman Appointee for Environment and Richard Conte, Alderman representative for Public Relations.


"The vernissage (preview) of the exhibition "Poésie en Couleurs" ("Poetry in Colours") by Geneviève took place in the Gallery 'Chapelle Sainte-Elisabeth' where the artist exhibits around sixty of her paintings until June 1. This Artist-painter, of American / Dutch nationality traveled a great deal over the world enriching herself with the cultures of the countries where she lived. Her artistic pallet is very varied.

Her creations are for the greater part of small format and give the impression of being painted on delft(ware). The Artist utilizes an ancestral technique, rarely done, painting in linseed oils which she mixes with natural pigments and minerals from Roussillon-de-Provence. Certain colors are imported from Italy or Afghanistan, such as the 'blues' or lapis lazuli, others from Norway such as the brown/blacks.

The Artist covers her paintings over from eight up to eleven layers of paint! Every creation requires one year or even more of work for reason of a long drying time. Geneviève paints flowers, portraits, nudes, landscapes, frecos."